Shane Crellin Financial Planning

“Wealth Adviser”


The success of the relationship with your financial planner is the achievement of your lifestyle goals and objectives. My role as your wealth adviser is to work beside you and give you ‘peace of mind’ in the three key areas of your financial situation:


Financial Planning Advice1. Financial Planning and Cash Flow Advice

The key to wealth is income. Maximising and measuring your cash flow and budget will ensure you have the funds to invest for wealth creation.

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Wealth Advice2. Wealth Advice

Superannuation and Investment strategies are the key areas to build assets to fund your lifestyle objectives. We provide a “hands on” approach where you play an active role in the investment process with full and constant access to the portfolio.

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Contingency Advice3. Contingency Advice

Insurance, estate planning and asset protection provide against the unforeseen events that occur. We teach you how to protect your wealth.

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